For success in Business, importance of these 3 points is well-known:

  1. Creating a market presence through Branding
  2. Clearly and Simply putting your message in the market (Communication Strategy)
  3. Engaging Customers to gain their Loyalty for business growth


All this we know.

We know how important these factors are.


So, the next question is, Would it help if we give you a 2nd opinion on the following points?

  • What does Branding, Communication Strategy and Customer Engagement actually means?
  • If you are doing it yourself OR getting it done from someone, then what should you expect?
    • Checklist of what all should be covered in these exercises
  • What are the various tools of Communication?
    • What is each tool’s functionality?
    • What does each tool helps you to achieve?
  • What is the Right Approach for Branding Exercise?
    • What you should expect from such exercise?
  • What are the Do’s and Don’t of Customer Engagement?
  • Ways to improve Loyalty and Revenue via Effective Customer Engagement


Presented by: Rohit Mahajan, International Advisor (Branding & Communication Strategy) at Central Think Tank, IFISE

For Whom: Small and Medium-Size Business Owners. Also suitable for Startups who have launched their business


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