Business Ideas Symposium

Many people want to go in business but they don’t know which one!

Either they have too many choices and are confused OR they have nothing to choose from. Both ways, they are stuck.

As you know that Federation’s mission is Entrepreneurship Development. We want more and more people to go in business and do well. So, we decided to do something about this problem also.

Introducing Business Ideas Symposium


What is a Symposium?

A conference or meeting at which several speakers talk on or discuss a topic before an audience.

What’s the topic of discussion at this Symposium?

Business Ideas.

7 Good and Commercially Profitable Business Ideas will be put forward in front of the audience. Not just Business Ideas but also

  • Why is that opportunity good?
  • What is the market scope and earning potential in this opportunity?
  • What skills you need to enter this business and what support you will get?

Report on last Business Ideas Symposium

Who should attend this Symposium?

These 2 types of Entrepreneurs:

Symposium Attendee

Someone who is looking for a great Business Opportunity and is open to explore.

The opportunity may come as considering:

  • Franchise
  • Business Association
  • Partnership, including Co-Founder
  • Investment in a good opportunity
  • Some or all of the above and more

On-the-spot Registrations NOT available.

Business Presenter

Someone who is looking for Franchisees, Business Associates, Business Affiliates, Business Partner, Co-Founder, Investor, etc.

They get 30 minutes to put forward their Business Opportunity and Business Plan with Earning Potential from it.

There are 7 spots for Presenters. 6 Expressions of Interests have been received already. Each presentation will be evaluated and only the short-listed ones will be allowed to present.

A Presenter Fees of Rs 3,000/- is payable if your presentation is short-listed after review.

Expression of Interest is Open. You may apply from here:



I’m hoping to have your support in this event, either as a Business Presenter OR as a Symposium Attendee.

Please share it with your friends and bring them along on 9th December 2017.