Business Performance Improvement

Small and Medium Business Owners often share following challenges –

  1. It’s very hard to find good employees
  2. It’s very hard to hold on to good people
  3. Even with staff, most work land on them
  4. It’s very hard to keep track of who is doing what
  5. Staff don’t take ownership and responsibility of their job
  6. Until the owner gets involved, it seems that nothing gets done
  7. Many key aspects of business gets overlooked because the owner is too occupied in operations


To address these challenges and many more, the Federation initiated a unique service in April 2017.

Managing Director of Live Innovative, Venkatesh Wadekar, provided his valuable support to become our first client and test this service.

Our team has been working with Venkatesh and his team for last 5 months and we are super excited to share the results. It is what we were hoping to achieve…

Managing Director of Live Innovative, Venkatesh Wadekar, shares the difference and growth he achieved as a direct result of this service (Business Performance Improvement) offered by the Federation.

To check if your business can also benefit from this service, simply contact from here and someone from the team will get in touch with you.

First meeting to evaluate your situation is Free of Charge. I recommend that you take the advantage of it.

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