Current Projects

100 Influential Entrepreneurs from Sydney

Intention: To build a strong Indian Subcontinent Entrepreneurs community in Sydney.

Action Plan: The aim is to Gather, Integrate and Organise 100 influential entrepreneurs by 30th September 2017. We are doing this by associating and collaborating with established associations in Australia. We have successfully associated with India Club. Founding President, Sachin Sharma, was invited by India Club to speak at a public forum (Women Breaking Barriers).

India Club event

2 more organisations have shown keen interest in the Entrepreneurship Development mission of the Federation. These are:

  1. Indian Support Center
  2. Hindu Council of Australia

Through these organisations, we wish to reach those members who are in business or wish to go in business and offer them an opportunity to join the Federation for the fulfillment of their entrepreneurial dreams.

We wish to establish 6 strategic associations and bring great value to these organisations through the Federation.

Project Lead: Ajay Singhal. If you wish to get involved or know any organisation who would be open to explore collaboration with us, then please contact Ajay.



Converting Job Seekers to Job Creators

Intention: To encourage more students to become Job Creators instead of Job Seekers.

Action Plan: Unemployment is rising. Every year, more students join the queue for job. If all the smart students are after job then who will create them. Today, we don’t need more Job Seekers; we need more Job Creators.

This initiative is to encourage, inspire and support students to empower them so they choose entrepreneurship as a rewarding career option. Through this initiative, we will educate and guide them. We are doing this by building close community of students who have entrepreneurial attitude and skills but lack proper guidance and direction.

Project Lead: Dr Neeta Parate. If you wish to get involved or know any institutes who would be open to explore collaboration with us, then please contact Neeta.



FED Report – Entrepreneurship Development eMagazine

Intention: To develop and enhance entrepreneurial spirit through sharing of Success Stories

Action Plan: Compile a monthly edition of the magazine to inspire, encourage and support businesses and business ideas to flourish. The information and case studies will be collected from all across the globe show-casing what’s happening in the Federation (world-wide).

First edition of this magazine was released on 1st August 2017.

Project Lead: Rohan Arote. If you wish to get involved, then please contact Rohan.



Bridging the gap between college and corporate world

Intention: Plan out actions and activities that will help college students gain insight into corporate world and the challenges

Action Plan: The corporate world in Nepal is in its infant stage. There are only a handful of corporate houses. These businesses are also being run by families. There is low exposure. This also means that the graduates are finding it hard to learn and grow in a corporate environment. This is also limiting their exposure to best practices and thus the re-invention of the wheel in terms of how to run a business. So, I have started a group along with a business college in Kathmandu and we are exploring ways to bridge this gap. Provide hands on knowledge and exposure in running a business and mentoring them towards becoming future entrepreneurs.

Project Lead: Vaibhaw (Bob) Poddar. If you wish to get involved, then please contact Bob.