Grow with Us

letting-seed-growDear Valued Member,

All that we have achieved in the Federation would not have been possible without YOU. We thank you for allowing us to build this community.

We have a long way to go and we are confident that we will easily get there with your help.

We believe that we will grow automatically when our members grow. So our focus is not on our growth but yours.


Here are a few ways by which you can grow yourself in the Federation –

  1. Submit your business profile to be included in our Members Directory.
  2. Join our Global Discussion Forum on LinkedIn and showcase your skills and expertise by starting some disscussion threads on the topics that you have mastry on.
  3. Join our Closed Group on Facebook to promote your business and post offers
  4. Follow us on LinkedIn
  5. Like us on Facebook
  6. WhatsApp groups will be discontinued from 15th July 2017.


Many Thanks for your help to grow us

The Leadership Team