Padam Nabham Sharma

It is a Training and Healing center. It’s name is Institute of Peace, Happiness and Mind Power Development. Training Programs on Reiki, NLP,¬† Rescripting Astro Psychology, Cosmic Brain Programming, Quantum Remote Healing and Astrology are conducted by the Institute. Distance Healing is carried out. Padam Nabham Sharma is the Chief Mentor and Motivator of the […]

Ekanath Dnyandeo Gajare

I am founder director of Alive Horticultural Services Limited. We serve fresh fruits at Nasik and Gurgaon. We buy unripe banana from Farmers of Maharashtra, Gujrath and UP. We sale ripe banana at Nasik and Gurgaon. Email: Mobile: 919326185588 Country of Birth: India Country of Residence: Nasik, Maharashtra, India.  

Paraag Pathradkar

We are in to Career counseling : Aptitude testing: Psychometric testing: Trainings: Placement: Marketing consultancy: (Policy formation, trainings, business plans, performance measurements, sale, digital marketing¬† etc.) Email: Mobile: +91-90612634 Country of Birth: India Country of Residence: Pune  

Chris Kingsley

Chris is a Mechanical Engineer by education and has worked at various capacities for 15 years. Chris, in order to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur, co-founded ThirteenVentureBuzz Solutions Private Limited. Chris is the co-creator of the Loyalty and Rewards Program, LoyCart. He is passionate about communications and has been a Toastmaster since May […]

Arun Kumar Singh

I am a life transformation coach having more than 20 years training experience. I am an expert trainer of NLP, mind power training, memory training, law of attraction training, EFT training and cosmic brain programming training. I am into training profession since 1995 but was in training passively but 2012 onwards I am in training […]