Aarif Shafi Khanyari

I am founder and CEO of ESOS Global Pvt Ltd Nepal.

A School for Entrepreneurship, ESOS is Pioneer, in elevating your behaviour for enlightening of your attitude towards life to realise the real meaning of your existence.

We at ESOS train you to change the behaviour and uplift the skill sets for the challenges in life.

You can visit for self development, Entrepreneurship development or ask us for any consultation in Marketing, Sales, Media, Public relation, Speaking Skills or any Events. We specialise in customised event design and training programs.

ESOS has a team of skilled and experienced trainers of international standard and we invite resources across globe to catch the current trends happening globally.

If you are a dreamer, looking forward for your best and shining career, in Job, Profession or Entrepreneurship, ESOS is the best place to meet international standards.

Email: aarifshafikhanyari@gmail.com

Mobile: +9779851112944

Country of Birth: Nepal

Country of Residence: Nepal



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