Dr. Azeeza Jalaludeen Hon.PhD

Relationship Mentor
Knowledge Partner
Email: shineadasta@gmail.com
Hp +65 9014 9952 / +91 8056125364 / +6017 3866596
URL: http://www.shine-ada.com
FB Page: http://www.facebook.com/alignmentcoach
LinkedIn Profile : https://sg.linkedin.com/in/azeezaj
Years of Experience in Service Industry : Since 1992 – Present
What She stands for:
Universal Love, Peace & Prosperity, through Individual Love, Peace & Prosperity.

Azeeza strongly believes she is an instrument to uplift humanity consciousness, supporting human connection among businesses from various cultural, especially Asians to the World, also connecting the world to Asia, through the various global social & business initiatives she has created, supports & participates in globally.
She is committed to a Collaborative You-and-Me World. She has dedicated her life to
life-long learning, growing & sharing – creating & nurturing global mentors.
She envisions an aligned world of enlightened & empowered business leaders & mentors, who engage in continuous deep personal work, that leads us to live a purpose-driven fulfilling life, collaborating with each other, contributing to global prosperity.

Dame DC Cordova , Owner/CEO of Excellerated Business School, & Money & You®, USA(1979),
World’s Oldest & leading Experiential Business Education Program, has this to say:
“Azeeza is a consummate professional that knows her field in-depth. She is a very supportive person – committed to the betterment of humanity, and the empowerment of people. She participates fully in our programs, and then goes out and puts the principles to work in her personal and business life. It’s a pleasure to have Azeeza in our organization – in the many levels that she participates with us.”

Relationship Mentor – Global Connector -Personal / Business Alignment Coach
Author of “Miracle Game” World’s First Gamified E-Book – www.eboomi.com/MG
Co-authored & mentioned/interviewed in books on Personal & Business Development.
Effectively Multi-lingual in Mandarin, Tamil, Malay & English.

Full-time Housewife turned Co-Founder of SHINE Companies, Professional Communicator & Relationship Mentor. Dr. Azeeza has more than 22 years of partnerships & working experience with business associate & clients(from various cultural backgrounds), globally from various industry including private, non- profit, government organisations, etc.
Chinese-educated since the age of 6, Dr. Azeeza has a very unique personality in the Asian/Indian Community, born & brought up in Singapore, she has been pioneering many empowering global initiatives, from Asia, and admired for her courage, tenacity & resilience. She attributes her strengths (and open-minded approach to life) to her chinese-education foundation (from 6years old) with “Singaporean-Indian-Muslim” DNA.
Having travelled extensively, being very well connected globally for social/business projects, (personally mentored by), Dr Azeeza learned from & partners some of the best teachers, business gurus & partners from Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, Singapore, India, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
Dr.Azeeza was first featured in the media in 1985. To date, she is often featured, interviewed & called for panel discussions on various topics including parenting, women empowerment, leadership & entrepreneurship, etc. in Singapore, Malaysia & India Media – Press-media, Radio & TV channels. She also has her own youtube channel that shares messages & discussions/interviews on empowerment topics, with her inspiring global team of mentors. Among many awards & achievements, she was recently conferred Honorary Doctorate, Global Entrepreneurship Eco-System – Specialisation in Business Network, by Indian Virtual Universaty of Peace & Education, India (Reg. in United Nations, Geneva)
Since 2002, Her various presentations & programs (15mins Or 3days) have touched lives of thousands of people around the world, acting as catalysts igniting positive changes in their business & family life. Her personal experiences, whole-brain / Whole-being active learning techniques & real-time tools, the transformational programs, Azeeza creates & conducts, are always successful in getting you to connect with your core being, align, regain your self-esteem & self-worth, maximising your human potential. Unlike normal motivation talks & workshops, all sessions are filled with authentic sharing, and always shifts your paradigms, for professionals & business leaders, inspiring you to embrace your greatness, take a powerful positive stand in life, and create your desired (personal / business / career) results in life.

Her Areas of Specialization
* Honorary Doctorate in Global Entrepreneurship Eco-System (Spec. Business Network)
* Self-Mastery Tools * Chinese Language & Cultural Awareness for Professionals/Business Leaders
* Vision Inspired Fund Raising (Profit / Non-Profit)
*Feminine (Love) Energy Alignment– Team/Personal/Business * Mentor Mentoring Programs
* Intrinsic Speaking / Professional Communication – Business / Career / Personal
Regional Director, Business Network Int’l(S)
Founding member – Toastmasters Club
Committee Member – Women Wing of Singapore Malay Chambers
Committee Member – Women Executives Committee(WEC Sengkang)-Singapore
Regional Director – Women Information Network-USA.

1. National Co-ordinator (Entrepreneurial Initiative Group) India Redefined Movement, from 2011
2.Co- Instructor(in-Training), Money & You® Program, Excellerated Business Schools, USA, from 2010
3. Global Mentor –Start-up/SME Companies/Platforms in USA, Malaysia, Singapore & India
4. Show host of Weekly “Love WoMen” Series
5. Show host for First of its kind Weekly Tamil Language Series –
“Puthiye Naan Puthiye Ulagam, Redefining You.”
6. Founder – SHINE Endometriosis Awareness Support Group
7. Co-Founder – Siddha Global Unity Foundation
8. Founder – SHINE Prosperity Consciousness Community
9. Organiser & Program Initiator for Yearly & Regular, online & offline Women Wellness Programs & International Women’s Day Programs since 2008, in Singapore, Malaysia, India.
10. Launch Director for Far East Region Business Network Int’l (S) – From Jan 2016.
11. Asst. Hon. Sec.of IWFIC, S’pore (Int’l Women Federation of Industry & Commerce) – From 2016
National Environment Agency Singapore Collaborate India
AIESEC – University Teknology Malaysia Space Trek Education Solutions Pvt Ltd
S’pore Indian Chambers- Institute of Business & S’pore Malay Chambers of Commerce
Central CDC Singapore, PA – Women Executive Committee
Yahyasan Sabah Federation, Malaysia Evanna Fashion House Pte Ltd
Kaslynet Sdn Bhd / Tasly Group , Malaysia Grace Ladies, Singapore
Propnex Associate Group, Singapore IDL Foundation, India
Women Information Network, USA Intent Infotech Pte Ltd
Dairy Farm Group Pte Ltd
Various Primary & Secondary Schools in S’pore (Children & Parents Program)
Email to us for her complete profile with her areas of competencies & achievements.
LOTS OF PHOTOS @ http://www.facebook.com/azeeza.jalaludeen http://www.facebook.com/transformationalprograms | http://www.facebook.com/EDHSingapore

Email: azeeza.jalaludeen@gmail.com

Mobile: 65 90149952

Country of Birth: India

Country of Residence: Singapore



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  1. My Country of Birth is Singapore – My parents’ come from Nagercoil, Kanyakumari.
    Thank you. <3

  2. Azeeza Jalaludeen Azeeza is a very highly intellectual person who can do things with immediate effect and highly service orientated person who always consider about others than herself.

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