Dr. Chinta Mani Yogi

Dr. Chinta Mani Yogi is the founding Principal/Coordinator of the Hindu Vidya Peeth School in Nepal. He is also the founding Chairperson of the Shanti Sewa Ashram – Peace Service Centre supporting the women, children and youth with life skills, literacy, numeracy programs, spiritual guidance and hope for the future. Dr Yogi also teaches yoga and meditation with Guru Gorakhnath and is involved in National Interfaith Movement.

Through Youth Society for Peace (YSP) he is associated with URI; United Religions Initiative, a variety of international occasions are marked through HVP/YSP/PSC including

1. Day of Prayer and and Action for Children (DPAC): November 20th
2. The Gandhi Jayanti: October 2nd
3. International Day of Peace: September 21st

Dr Yogi is a published author of 15 books on Peace, Spirituality, Humanity and the Art of Life and is a peace activist and humanitarian. The founder of Values Education Nepal, Dr Yogi is a respected Spiritual Advisor and Philosopher.

He is also the Chairperson of the Interfaith Movement in Nepal and an Education advisor and Presenter to University of Cambridge, Oxford, Durham and Harvard.

Dr Yogi has also founded the Youth Society for Peace (YSP) and various other community based programs. The aim of YSP is to –

  • • help support  young people understand the values of peace, tolerance and selfless service
  • • to develop various projects using these values and become advocates for change
  • • to work as volunteers in the community and develop these skills

Community based programs

  • • Children’s Study Club
  • • Children’s Peace Home
  • • Women’s empowerment, Education/training program

Dr Yogi’s qualifications

M.A. in Philosophy Mahendra Sanskrit University, Nepal  
B. Ed. In Nepali Tribhuvan University, Nepal  
Diploma in Yoga Education Deva International Yoga Center, India  
M.D. (Yogic Therapy) The Open International University, Sri Lanka  


Dr Yogi’s published work

Gyan Prahelica 2046 B.S.
Aham Pathami Sanskritam 2048 B.S.
Hamro Vani – Hamro Geet 2050 B.S.
Stuti Sangraha 2051 B.S.
Bal Leela 2055 B.S.
Isha Vandana 2055B.S.
Chinta Ra Chintan 2057 B.S.
Dharma Ganga 2059 B.S.
Chintan Ka Saral Sutraharu 2060 B.S.
Myanma Ko Maya 2061 B.S.
Samjhana ka Kshanaharu 2061 B.S.
Hindu Dharma – Ek Chintan 2064 B.S.
Vichar Bimba 2066 B.S.
Bal Gyanmala 2067 B.S.
Aatmavani 2067 B.S.
Sahaj Jeevansutra 2067 B.S.
Vichar Mala 2068 B.S.


You can learn more about Dr. Chinta Mani Yogi from here.



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