Jyoti Man Dangol

I am a founding creative director at Verve Media Pvt. Ltd. It’s been already 12 years that I am working in advertising sector.

A brief intro of my company:

Verve Media is a creative marketing communications agency with professional capabilities and experience in various aspects of advertising and all media.

Verve Media, established in 2007 by a group of creative and enthusiastic young people, has helped several companies, both large and small, in their growth. We assist companies to build their brand through creative advertising and exclusive marketing communication campaigns.

We believe in always putting our clients’ goals and interests first, and we follow that in our policies and practices. We are committed to providing our highest level of objectivity and professionalism, creating cost-effective marketing communications while investing each client’s budget in most effective ways.

Email: jyotimd@hotmail.com

Mobile: +9779851102909

Country of Birth: Nepal

Country of Residence: Kathmandu, Nepal



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