Renuka Desai

Dear Friends,

This is Renuka Desai from Mumbai.
Associated with Success Maximized, New Delhi, nurturing it to bring it on International Arena.

A Vastu and Astrology Consultant, having practical experience of more than 15 years. A Holistic Healer, Sound Therapist, Leaf Therapist.
Have touched many Psychological / Neurological cases.
A Strong Believer of Law of Attraction.
The Integration of Various Modalities helps Enhance the Growth of Successful Entrepreneurs socially as well as Professionally. Currently linked with many organizations to make them Dream and Manifest on Expansion Economically on Larger Scale.

Motto of life is to help young budding Entrepreneurs to Blossom to the top Businessman of the Country.
You can Contact Renuka Desai
+91-9819239348 via call/SMS/WhatsApp.
Thank You💐


Mobile: 9819239348

Country of Birth: India

Country of Residence: Mumbai


As Regional Director (Gujarat, India) for I . F . I . S . E, Renuka has following responsibilities:

  • Identify, plan and lead projects that are in-line with the values of the Federation, in Gujarat
  • Identify opportunities where Federation could assist other organisations, NGOs, government and non-government bodies in the field of Entrepreneurship Development so more people choose to become entrepreneurs
  • Provide help and guidance to other Federation Leaders in whatever shape and form possible
  • Raise the awareness of Federation Mission in Gujarat

2 thoughts on “Renuka Desai

  1. Wish you all the best.I hope you will be successful in this Mission.You have inbuilt talents to make it.Happy Journey to new leadership assignment

  2. Wonderful. Very happy for you, congratulations and all the best.
    Feeling proud to have friend like you

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