Suman Raj Aryal

So much is happening in the IT sector in the world. Nepal is also witness to a massive IT boom in recent years. Being the insiders in the outsourcing sector , we saw a great opportunity in starting our own company. As the market trend shows, outsourcing to countries like Nepal continue to grow in the coming years. There’s no other time as excitint to start a company.
Halfmoontech is a subsidary of halfmoon group pvt ltd registered at the company registar’s office . It was started by a group of friends having expertise in diverse field in IT sector – covering programming PHP,Wordpress, IOS/Adroid App, Website development and maintainance , Software development, Graphic Design ,Data Entry, Content Writing, SEO and so on. Our primary clients are the government sector, local businesses and the companies around the world. We are already provding service to the latter two.
As we work for outsourcing companies, we have seen the collaboration between the companies around the world primarily in USA, Australia, and Canada and every part of the world. Having the team, expertise and network with us, we believe, we can provide service to any company around the world.

And secondly, having the need and to promote the culture and religion, we have started our own e-commerce product which serves as a complete Puja Planner.
Nepal, the land of rishis and devas, is a Hindu dominated country. Ethnically and culturally, we are a very diverse country. There is unity in diversity, and we are very proud of it. Among the Hindu Community itself there are differences in rituals, customs, and traditions. Mindful of this diversity, PujaSewa caters to all Hindus from all parts of the country. Our services range from Brahmin services for conducting a puja, puja items packages, astrology service/consultation, puja ceremonies/events planning, and much more.

PujaSewa is not only a commercial venture aimed at making profits. Our goal is to promote Hindu rituals, practices, and spiritual knowledge for the benefit of all living beings.


Mobile: 00977-9851200503

Country of Birth: Nepal

Country of Residence: Nepal



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