Showcase Your Business Model

Thank you for considering to showcase your Business Model to the Business Ideas Symposium attendees.

We are letting people know on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about reaching people. You just have to come and do the presentation. We aim to bring in at least 100 attendees for this event.

They are those people who want to go in business but still haven’t made up their mind about which one!

If you are looking for Business Partners, Co-Founders, Franchisees, Investors, Distributors, Associates, Affiliates etc., then please fill this form
You will get 30 minutes to present your business model in front of your Target Audience

Report on last Business Ideas Symposium

Please note that there is a Presenter Fees of Rs 3,000/-

There are only 7 Presenter spots. 4 are taken. Only 3 more left.

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I've noted that there is a Presenter Fees of Rs 3,000/- and I'm pre-registering for the next Symposium
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