Vision, Mission and Values


Gather, Integrate and Organise Entrepreneurs from the Indian Subcontinent.


To confederate entrepreneurs from the 10 Indian Subcontinent countries of India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Tibet and Maldives, living anywhere in the world, into one global body, in order to facilitate business and trade development among the federated members.



This Federation will serve the Entrepreneurs on these Values

value-1 Self-Sufficiency. Inspire more people to choose entrepreneurship as a rewarding career option.
value-2 Flourish. Not only help an entrepreneur to setup, sustain and scale; but flourish, by becoming a better Leader because we believe that a Business cannot outperform it’s Leader.
value-3 Expand Perceptions. Help each other to become better people because when our thinking grows then we look beyond our problems and play a bigger role in the society.


The benefits of joining this Federation are endless and more importantly different to every Entrepreneur. But if we have to pick top 5 benefits then they would be as follows:

  1. Business Expansion. With Federation members in many parts of the world, growing customer base and expanding business in new markets or new countries is just one contact away. You could associate with another member directly and take your business to whole new heights.
  2. New Ideas. Testing and exploring new business ideas with the help and guidance of other experienced members, takes your success rate to whole new level.
  3. New Markets. With so many businesses at all different levels, it becomes so easy to find someone interested in Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures.
  4. Franchising. Once again, finding the right people to help you open new sites and franchises for your business model becomes easy and straight forward with the help of the Federation.
  5. Funding. A large pool of successful businesses is always an attractive opportunity for investors and venture capitalists. The Federation will make that possible as well.